Bulk shopping has taken the hearts of consumers across the U.S., thanks to stores like Costco, Sam's Club, and others. Some people buy everything in bulk because it saves them trips, time, and effort. Others have certain items they use a lot of that they'll purchase in larger quantities, but aren't regular "club" shoppers.

Yet more people have never even considered using bulk shopping to save money on groceries, toiletries, and other items. Even if you don't have a large family or another obvious reason to shop at these stores, there are certainly plenty of perks to be had. Some items will almost always deliver savings when you purchase them in bulk instead of a "typical" quantity.

What If I Won't Use That Much?

The single biggest concern of those who hesitate to buy in bulk is whether they'll actually use the item enough to warrant a bulk supply. Perhaps you're single with no kids, or you just don't use enough of something that you'll finish it before it expires or goes bad.

Maybe you're unsure where you'll put 80 rolls of toilet paper or 20 pounds of ground beef. When you're limited on storage space, it can be tempting to skip bulk shopping entirely. But then, you miss out on the deals.

No worries, because you have options! First, you'll obviously want to focus on items that you do use (even if they're not in the list below). Secondly, consider shopping with family and friends to split the items you buy. That way, everyone saves and goes home happy.

You can find all kinds of creative ways to make it worthwhile to buy in bulk. Sure, there are some items and some people who just won't find much benefit, but those are fewer and further between than you might expect.

Save Money on Toilet Paper and Paper Towels

We're grouping these two because they're essentially the same "type" of item - rolled paper products. And they're fantastic to buy in bulk because you can save a fortune. Plus, you can stock up when there are sales to save even more.

Plus, as we all learned during the pandemic, you just never know when it will be to your benefit to have extra toilet paper and paper towels on hand. It could save you from driving all over town, shortage-related price gouges, and other issues that crop up.

Make sure that when you're buying bulk paper products, you're shopping by unit price to get the best deal. Toilet paper and paper towel math gets confusing on the packaging, but you can ignore that entirely. Simply check the price tag on the shelf and see what the unit price is. It's usually listed below the retail price and will be a fractional amount of the total cost.

Buy Pet Food in Bulk

Pet food, both dry and canned, comes with a long shelf life. As long as you have a place to store it that is cool and dry, you can save a lot by purchasing your pet's food in bulk. Your pets are always going to need food, after all, and it will ensure that you don't run out of their preferred brand or variety.

You can check pet stores, wholesale clubs, online pet suppliers, and other retailers to find the best deals on bulk pet food, but you're sure to save a fortune compared to buying one small bag at a time.

Stop Buying Toiletries at Your Local Grocery Store

Toiletries are a great way to save money with bulk purchases. They don't come with expiration dates and can be stored for as long as needed. Shampoo, conditioner, soap, and even feminine care products can be purchased in bulk to save money in several ways.

Plus, you can ensure that you always have items on hand, and stock up on your favorite brands when they're on sale. This also saves a lot of trips back and forth to the store, as well as the high markup in most local stores. Bulk toiletries come in more varieties than you might think, so see what's out there.

Meat is Always Cheaper When You Buy More

You will save money buying meat products in bulk, too. Beef, pork, chicken, and other meats that you buy at the grocery store are much cheaper when you choose bulk buying. All you need is a little extra freezer space and you'll be able to stock up on your family's favorites. Just remember to use plastic wrap and freezer storage bags to prevent freezer burn.

Some people with larger families or who want to save even more on their meat will purchase directly from a butcher. This allows you to get a half or full cow, a pig (or part of it), and individual chickens straight from the farm, processed the way you like. And when you buy it this way, you're truly getting the lowest possible cost.

Of course, even grabbing the 10-pound package of hamburger or the 20 pounds of boneless chicken breasts at the wholesale club is still going to save you a fortune over buying in smaller quantities. As the size goes up, the price per pound can go down, creating massive savings for families that consume a lot of meat.

Buy Batteries in Bulk for Emergencies and More

Batteries might not come to mind right away when you're looking at ways to save money on bulk items. However, a warehouse store will have much better deals on large quantities of batteries in all sizes. And since most households need at least a few sizes of batteries regularly, it never hurts to have them around.

Batteries also have a relatively long shelf life, which makes it reasonable to buy in bulk. And you can always check the expiration date when you are buying them to make sure they'll last as long as you need.

Bonus: A Few Other Ways to Save

All the items above are just the start of the great options that you have for bulk buying at warehouse stores and online retailers. If you want to save more money, here are other items that you will want to buy in bulk.

  • Cleaning supplies
  • Trash bags
  • Canned foods
  • Laundry detergent
  • Coffee beans or coffee
  • Light bulbs
  • Other great pantry staples

Choose items that you can store for a long time, preferably up to a year or more. Food prices at grocery stores are always higher than at big-box and warehouse clubs, but if you shop smart, you'll be saving money in no time at all!

Save More When You Shop Smarter

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