Dollar Tree's convenience can't be overstated, with nearly 8,000 stores in the United States. Many neighborhoods lack a proper grocery store, so Dollar Tree is the only place to go. It's consequently a staple in some communities. Dollar Tree sells select grocery items, cleaning products, toiletries, greeting cards, party supplies, toys, ponytail holders, and much more, so customers can find most things they need to run a household.

Unlike many of the other dollar stores, Dollar Tree has consistent pricing. In 2023, most items in the store remain at $1.25. That cuts out a lot of budgeting guesswork for you, and it's a convenient way to save money. If you've never been to a Dollar Tree, 2023 is the year to grab your wallet and head through the door for the first time. You can save big with a bit of planning and preparation.

In this article, you'll find some of the best tips and tricks to stretch your dollar further. Keep reading to determine what's worth buying at Dollar Tree instead of other stores and how to get a good deal on everything in your cart.

Check the Unit Pricing

At a glance, everything seems like a great deal when it's $1.25. The pricing is incredibly convenient, and it's easy to keep track of what you're spending as you buy it. That sense of convenience is a dollar store staple. However, if you're serious about saving, convenience isn't enough. The only way to know with certainty that you're saving is by checking the per-unit pricing.

You might be surprised to learn what is actually cheaper at Dollar Tree and what ends up being more expensive. There are absolutely good deals in there, but sometimes you pay a higher price for less of the product. For instance, travel-size items tend to cost a dollar or less at Walmart, but you'll pay that $1.25 at Dollar Tree. In that case, you'd do better to shop around.

In other categories, Dollar Tree's price-per-unit blows other stores out of the water! It might even beat the name-brand price at a warehouse club like Costco or Sam's Club. As an example, you'll pay around $2 for a bag of brown sugar at Walmart but get the same thing for $1.25 at Dollar Tree.

Know What's Worth Buying

As a general rule of thumb, some items are consistently cheaper at Dollar Tree stores. If you don't want to go around checking the per-unit pricing, you can confidently grab the following items and know you're getting a great deal on them.

  • Greeting cards - Greeting cards typically run anywhere from $3 to $7 at stores like Walmart or Target. Sometimes the prices stretch even higher! At Dollar Tree, you can usually grab two cards for just $1.25.
  • Party supplies - Dollar Tree has every party supply you can think of, and many stores even sell helium balloons! If you're throwing a party, get all your basic supplies at Dollar Tree and keep the whole family happy.
  • Seasonal or holiday items - Holiday decor is one of the best things to buy at Dollar Tree. A miniature Christmas tree will run around $10 to $20 in other stores, but you can take one home from Dollar Tree for just $1.25. If you're quick enough to get one, that is!
  • Pregnancy tests - Pregnancy tests can be expensive, especially if someone needs to buy one at a pharmacy. Dollar Tree tests have comparable accuracy for a much smaller price tag.
  • OTC medication - Many typical OTC medications, like ibuprofen, are less expensive. You won't find a bulk-size bottle, but you can purchase enough for standard use.
  • Reading glasses - Reading glasses typically run between $5 and $10 elsewhere, making $1.25 very cost-effective.
  • Craft supplies - Fun craft kits, cotton swabs, crayons, paint, and more are all available at Dollar Tree for less cash.

Use Coupons

It's difficult to conceive of a deeper discount than getting something for $1.25, but it's possible. The best way to do this is to clip manufacturer coupons. Dollar Tree accepts both newspaper coupons and manufacturer coupons. Typically, manufacturer coupons are limited to one per transaction, but many stores don't put a cap on those from the newspaper. Any coupon will go further at Dollar Tree than anywhere else. After all, if you have a coupon to save 50 cents, that makes your item only $.75 in total!

There are a few things to remember when couponing at Dollar Tree. Check your coupons for any size restrictions (some won't apply to the store's travel-sized items). Also, ensure you're bringing in a paper version, as Dollar Tree won't accept digital coupons.

Use Rebate or Cash Back Apps

Cash-back apps, like Ibotta and Fetch Rewards, can increase your savings considerably. Picture this: You have a coupon for 50 cents off Crest toothpaste, and Ibotta offers 75 cents cash back on Crest items. Suddenly, your toothpaste is completely free! By combining offers and utilizing cash-back apps, you might end up being paid to shop at Dollar Tree. The store's already low prices pair very well with rebate and cash-back apps. The discounts will be even deeper.

Shop Online

Shopping online is a money-saving trick for any store. You only buy what you need and cut out impulse purchases and all the other unnecessary stuff. Dollar Tree might not be the first place you think of when it comes to online shopping, but its site gets the job done. Sometimes, you'll even catch things in stock there that your closest store doesn't have. You'll spend less and potentially get some things you couldn't find in person!

You can typically find your local ad on the website as well, so you'll know if your store is running any great sales or has upcoming items of interest.

Keep an Eye On Sales

Dollar Tree doesn't run sales as frequently as some other stores, but they do have them. At certain times of the year, they run things like the Friends and Family Event that offer a certain percentage off your purchase.

You can occasionally catch certain items on closeout too, especially after major holidays! Check on your local ads and pay your store a visit a day or two after Christmas, Halloween, or whatever holiday you want to stock up for! Most closeout items don't stick around for long, though, so you'll have to move quickly if you want to bring some home.

Final Thoughts

Dollar Tree is an excellent way to combat inflation and rising prices. Don't keep paying more when you could be following the tips above and saving instead. Keep more dollars in your pocket when you shop. You might find better deals on a few items elsewhere, but Dollar Tree has unbeatable prices in several important categories. Don't miss the opportunity.

If you're truly invested in saving money, sign up for Comrade. It's a browser extension that pairs you with relevant advertisements and products and pays you every time you interact. Brands are itching to give you money in exchange for your attention. Keep the spirit of saving alive - go visit your local Dollar Tree and download Comrade today.