Furniture is one of those must-have purchases you can't avoid forever. If you've just moved into a new place and need to furnish it with the basics or you're ready to upgrade your existing furniture to something better, you're probably bracing to drop a lot of cash to do so. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to save money on furniture purchases and avoid spending hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars to get good-quality furniture. Follow along with the tips listed in this article and you're certain to find your next couch, table, bed, or whatever else you need at a price you can afford!

Set Your Budget

The first step toward saving money is to figure out what you're willing to pay. Buying furniture can fit into any budget, but you'll still need to determine yours. Sit down and figure out how much money you can reasonably set aside and how much of that you're willing to allocate to each piece. For instance, you might be willing to settle for the most basic, least expensive bed frame out there but want to invest a little bit more in your couch. It's your furniture, and you'll know which pieces see the most use.

Before you go into any furniture stores or start shopping around, determine what you can spend and stick to it. Unless you're certain you can afford to go over budget for the perfect piece, don't! There are too many ways to save money on furniture to blow your budget right out of the gate.

Buy Used Furniture

Buying used is a great way to save money on any purchase, but it's certainly a great call for furniture. You can buy used furniture from several places. Check your city to see if there's a used furniture store around. You might even find multiple ones. If there are no stores, or you don't find anything suitable in nearby ones, you still have options.

Check online resources like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, OfferUp, or similar websites and see what sort of deals are posted. Ensure that any used furniture you buy is still in good condition. Many people include pictures, but you can always request more or ask to see the item before you buy. If it's important to you that your furniture comes from smoke-free and/or pet-free homes, ask for those details, too.

Remember, this is used furniture and you should expect a small amount of wear and tear, but only you can decide what level is acceptable. Buying used furniture gives you room to negotiate, too, especially if you're buying from a private seller. If the armchair or office furniture you have your eye on is in rougher condition than expected, negotiate for a lower price!

Other options for used furniture include:

  • Garage Sales
  • Yardsales
  • Thrift Stores

Check Out Estate Sales

Estate sales go hand in hand with tip number two. You'll be buying used furniture, of course, but you can find some truly high-quality items at estate sales. Look up your area online and search for local estate sales. If you're lucky, you'll be able to grab antique or expensive furniture at half the price (or less) you'd pay for the same brand-new furniture stores!

Make a Registry

If you're moving into a new home, make a registry! List all of your big wants and needs on there and throw a housewarming party. A registry gives your guests a chance to pick what they want to give you or offer cash or gift cards so you can make the purchase yourself. You don't have to do everything yourself if you have friends and family in your life that are willing (perhaps even eager) to help you out!

Many stores let you make registries online for free. You just create the list and add the items you want with a few clicks. Amazon, Target, Wal-Mart, and many other stores keep it simple. Your guests can buy your furniture online and have it sent right to you or, of course, deliver it as a present themselves! You'll get free furniture and involve the people who care about you at an exciting time in your life!

Buy Furniture Online

By shopping online, you can scope out the best deals possible. There are even certain sites that offer price comparisons on specific items, ensuring you get the best discount on the items you want. Shopping in stores can be limiting (although the method has its own set of perks) and shopping online opens up great deals, more options, and the chance to get furniture sent right to your door.

Shipping costs can be expensive, but many sites offer free or low-cost options if you spend a certain amount. Of course, places like Amazon have free shipping for members all the time.

Buying online can yield better prices, and it gives you the opportunity to shop with things like Comrade. Comrade is a browser extension that offers cash back every time you interact with one of its relevant, useful recommendations. For instance, if you're shopping for furniture and Comrade partners with a relevant brand, you might get extra savings and money in your pocket! For more information, check out Comrade and sign up for a free account today. It's safe, and you can put any earnings toward furniture or anything you want.

Shop Seasonal Sales

Even furniture has seasons, and certain times of year are perfect for snagging great furniture prices. When stores get their new stock, prices drop on old pieces. Check around February and August, and if showrooms look fresh, chances are you can score a bargain on the older merchandise.

If you're searching for something specific, especially outdoor furniture, you're in luck! The sales at the end of summer let you take home that patio set for a fraction of its original cost.

DIY Updates

Saving money on furniture isn't always about replacing what you have. You don't need to bring in something new just to get a fresher look. Consider changing out the hardware on your old furniture, picking a new color of paint, or updating couches and loveseats with a fresh cover. You can reupholster and refinish your current furniture for a new look without the whole shopping process!

If you're on a tight budget or have no easy way to get new furniture into your place, DIY updates are a great option. You can take them piece by piece until you have the look you want. By the end, you'll have something custom-made exactly to your tastes!


Furniture is functional, decorative, and everything in between. People use it to gather together or just make a space their own. You can achieve all of those things without draining your bank account by following the tips listed above. They're hardly the only ways to get deals on furniture, but they're a great place to start! Look around different stores, find something you love, and do what you can to get the best price possible.

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