We all have to visit the store regularly. There is just no way for us to live life and live comfortably unless we visit our local market and stock up on all the goods that we need to get by. From food to bathroom supplies to pet food and more, the store has everything we need.

Although money is always well spent, everyone wants to find ways to cut down on the bottom line and the cost they experience when they visit the grocery store. But, sadly, most of us don’t know how we can save an extra buck or two when we are going to the store. What are the best ways to save? Are there reliable and steadfast tips and tricks that people repeatedly use to cut back on their overall overhead costs?

Since we all have to visit the store, we all stand a chance to save. We just have to know what to look for, what to keep in mind, and what to avoid.

Sign up for a loyalty program

All grocery stores want loyalty from their customer base, which is why loyalty programs have become so popular.

A loyalty program is exactly what you’d imagine it would be. When you are a member of this certain type of program with your chosen market, you will receive cash back or discounts, or other bonuses with every purchase you make. Therefore, the more you spend, the more you save.

Practically every major grocery store chain has some sort of rewards program today. Some offer credit or debit cards, while others just require you to sign up for an email newsletter. When you are paying at the counter, you will usually just type your phone number or account information into a screen, and the savings will be automatic.

You can find out about local rewards programs today. Simply head online and research the store that you visit most often and see what they offer. You could start saving as soon as this afternoon, long before any sort of physical debit or credit card is even sent your way in the mail.

Use a grocery rewards card

There are many credit card companies out there that offer particular credit cards that will give you cash back when you are buying at the grocery store.

From Mastercard to Visa and beyond, numerous credit card firms are going to put money back in your account, give you points, or even airline miles when you buy your groceries. You could receive around 10% cash back when you go to the store via these cards.

Keep in mind that many particular rules and fees apply with these credit cards, such as annual fees and more. You should consider all of this when you are signing up for any sort of credit card.


There has never been a better time to put your energy into grocery store coupons. Coupons used to be thought about as things that only elderly people used, cutting them out of the daily newspaper and adding them all together for a great value.

But now coupons are easier to use and easier to find too. Many grocery stores actually offer coupons via emails, smartphone apps, or websites. That means you rarely have to actually hold a paper coupon in your hands to receive the savings. It might be as easy as just letting your smartphone get scanned by a cashier.

Coupons can be tricky, and there are often certain regulations about them. You need to read the fine print with them all, especially when it comes to their expiration dates. But if you haven’t used coupons before, you are sadly missing out, and you should instantly start searching online and on in-store fliers to find the best deals waiting for you.

Check out the clearance section

Nearly every single grocery store has some sort of clearance section that provides customers with discounted items. These clearance sections aren’t always advertised well, and sometimes you have to hunt for them and find them, typically in the back of the store or in a corner.

There are many things to keep in mind when you are shopping in the clearance section of your store. For example, you need to pay very close attention to expiration dates. If you are buying food in this part of the store, be prepared to enjoy it quickly because most of the items are nearing their expiration.

Additionally, you should also be aware that some of the items sold in this section will be a little banged up and not in the best of shape. If you don’t mind a few cosmetic dings and scratches, then the clearance section might be ideal for you. You won’t be able to complete your entire shopping list in this part of the store, but you’ll surely be able to pick up a few things that you need for a much cheaper price point.

Don’t deviate from your list

Speaking of your shopping list, it is vital that you stick to it when you are visiting the store.

There is no better way to spend money you don’t have than by buying appealing items that you don’t really need.

Compiling a good and reliable shopping list doesn’t take much time. In fact, if you have a smartphone app or an Alexa device at home, you can constantly add to your list whenever you realize that you need something soon.

The important thing to remember is that you stick with the list and don’t break away from it. There will be many things at the market that call out to you, many ways to spend your money and enjoy yourself. But that is the surefire way to go way over budget. The better method is to make a list and not break away from it.

If you really want to get yourself an extra treat, budget an extra few bucks in your shopping list for something you’ll find while shopping. Maybe it’s a candy bar; maybe it’s your favorite type of juice; maybe it’s a bath bomb to enjoy in the evening. Just ensure you budget accordingly and don’t disregard your shopping list for more exciting and appealing purchases.

Don't go hungry

According to a recent study, there is evidence to back up what many individuals have already discovered through personal experience: it's unwise to go grocery shopping while feeling hungry. Going hungry will undoubtedly make you buy things you do not necessarily need. Have a snack before going grocery shopping to ensure you stick to your shopping list.

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