Even the most budget-savvy among us need to buy new clothes at some point. A high-quality wardrobe can last for years, with some pieces hanging on for decades, but clothes shopping is a hobby for many people. Some buy new clothes every season, meaning they replace (or update) their closet every three to four months, while others simply can't pass up a good deal regardless of when they find it.

Whether you fall into that category or hang onto your shirts and jeans until they fall to pieces, the tips in this article help with saving money each time you buy clothes. Stretch your clothing budget a little further and never pay full price for clothes again!

Follow Washing Instructions

If you intend to hang onto your clothing for a long time, don't shorten its lifespan by ditching the laundry instructions. You'll end up buying clothes more often than necessary. For instance, washing clothes (especially dark colors) in hot water causes shrinking and fading. Swapping to cold water will let you hang onto your pieces more often and save on your electric or gas bill in the process. After all, using more hot water can cost you money in a variety of ways!

It's also important to follow instructions on special materials, like wool and fleece, to make sure you're not damaging them during the wash process. Don't toss in delicate items with things that might snag, like zippers. You'll end up replacing them much sooner than you would with good washing habits!

Shop at the Thrift Store

Thrift stores are some of the best places around to find a bargain on clothing. While thrifting has gained popularity in recent years, and some of the thrift shop chains (like Goodwill) have raised their prices, it's still worth a look. You'll find everything from name-brand items to homemade pieces in many thrift stores and pay well below retail price to take them home. While prices are low, you won't necessarily be purchasing "cheap" clothes and can find great deals on high-quality items.

Most small towns and big cities alike have thrift options and discount stores, so check around and see what's in your area.

Make a Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule wardrobes are timeless. They consist of basic items that don't go out of style. Every piece in a capsule wardrobe can be mixed and matched, so you have multiple outfit options within a relatively small wardrobe. It's not a matter of how many clothes you have, but how well they work together.

You want to pick classic pieces that don't need to be replaced each season for fear of being out of style. Of course, you can add seasonal and fun items here and there, but the core clothing remains the same.

Go Generic

There's nothing wrong with generic brands and lesser-known brands, especially when you're purchasing the basics. Things like solid-colored t-shirts, camisoles, socks, and so on will be just as functional if you buy generic ones.

Don't Skip the Clearance Rack

Most people know that the sale rack is the place to go to save money. You can find some deep discounts there, especially if a particular season has just ended. Stores aren't going to hold onto swimsuits through fall and winter, for example, so you'll be able to snag a fantastic deal.

While clearance is very tempting, it can also be an easy way to overspend on items you don't want or need. No clearance price is worth piling up a lot of things you won't wear, especially since many clearance purchases are final.

Ask for Discounts

When you're grocery shopping and spot a damaged package, the retailer will likely give you a discount. The same is true of clothing. If you notice a scuff, a mark, or sometimes even a stray thread or two, ask for a discount! If it's something easily remedied and isn't damaging to the overall piece, you could bring it home for a certain percentage off and save a few bucks!

Check for Coupon Codes

If you shop online, look for discount codes and coupon codes for your favorite retailers. Some have mailing lists that offer a certain percentage off, or perks like free shipping when you sign up. You'll periodically receive different promotional codes to save money, too. If you're looking to replace your own clothes (or even buy a gift for someone else), don't check out before searching for a coupon code first!

Buy What You'll Wear

This one might seem like a no-brainer, but some people just can't pass up a deal - even if they don't end up using the product. Don't buy things just because they're inexpensive. Eventually, all of that spending adds up into a bigger sum than simply buying what you need or genuinely like. Don't buy clothes that you're not going to wear. You probably don't need a selection of ten winter coats, even if you got them all for 80% off in June. If you're serious about saving money on your clothing expenses, just buy what you'll use.

If you simply can't pass up a good deal, consider reselling the items on sites like Poshmark. You'll recoup your money (and possibly make extra). Many charities also need clothing donations, too, if you want to use your shopping habits for good!


One of the best ways to save money on clothes is to avoid spending any at all. For special occasions, like weddings, proms, military balls, and so on, consider borrowing! You'll likely only need the garment for a single night, so there's no reason to drop hundreds of dollars on something new. If you know anyone who has a suitable piece of clothing, whether it's an evening gown or a suit, see if they'll lend it to you for the night. You could even offer a small rental fee, if necessary, and it'll still amount to much less than buying new!

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You can update your wardrobe with practically any budget. Follow the tips above and you'll cover all your basic clothing needs, along with plenty of fun extras, and possibly earn money while doing it! Shopping for new clothes can be exhilarating, but it's even more satisfying when your bank account is still in good shape by the end of your shopping spree. So get those discounts, grab versatile, long-lasting pieces, and put a bit of cash in your pocket, too.

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